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Why do you need Endpoint Protection for your Startup Business

Today’s business access to information is dramatically different from that of even a couple of decades ago. Now, it is much more likely that managers, corporate executives, sales reps and other staff are accessing data from mobile devices that simply didn’t exist years ago.…


Top 5 best headphones for kids



Finding the best pair of headphones under $50 is very easy with this list. We’re going to review the top models of headphones that offer all the features your children might want out of their sound emitting devices.…


Google Pixel smartphones launching October 4th

Google’s next cell phones will be declared on October fourth amid an occasion in San Francisco.

We’ve been seeing spilled insights around two new cell phones, code-named Sailfish and Marlin for quite a long time, and it would seem that the sit tight for an official declaration is verging on over.…

Samsung wearables

Samsung devices could identify you from your veins

Are fingerprint sensors thought performers? Then you should see the new Samsung patent received.

The newest of Koreans from Samsung patent speaks of a new security system, much more interesting than a user based on fingerprint recognition.…

4D Printing

Researchers have invented a method of printing 4D

Given that few people have access to 3D printers, researchers seem ready to make the step to print 4D.

3D printing technology is still not accessible to a large number of people, but that has not stopped researchers from creating more efficient technologies.…

HTC Vive Pre

Hands-on review: CES 2016: HTC Vive Pre

I’ll unashamedly admit it: I love virtual reality. I don’t know if it’s because I once watched a girl on some gaming show in the ’90s using one and talking about how she just ‘looked around the magic carpet’, or because I was supposed to go for my birthday one year and it was shut.…

oculus rift

Oculus Rift will begin preorders

Oculus formally announced they will begin preorders for its virtual reality kit.

Those from Oculus have good news for all those who wish to purchase their virtual reality device.…


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