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Self-Driven Cars Chase, Uber On The Top

Self-Driven Cars

The technology has replaced almost everything, which once the human race used to do. Evolution of mankind has taken innumerable leaps and is progressing tremendously. What will happen in the future? If everything was technology bound and the human race starts to become an extinct species. Are we ready for this kind of technology-driven world, where humans are considered to be extinct?

What will happen in the future? If everything was technology bound and the human race starts to become an extinct species. Are we ready for this kind of technology-driven world, where humans are considered to be extinct?

People driving on the roads have sometimes led to grievous accidents. They are few cases, where people do drive in a drunken state and end up in accidents. When we lose control over our vehicles, our lives are at stake. We need to be more responsible towards ourselves and our fellow beings. To avoid all this and have a safe drive, self-driven cars have been launched.

Technology takes over the conventional driving

No more conventional way of driving, just hop into a self driven car. It will take us to our destination, by keeping us safe and secure. Sometimes machines are more reliable than humans, as they are accurate and easy to use. It is a fact that we humans create machines for our comfort and are happy with it. To make our work effortless, these cars are going to help us out.

Uber, the famous ride-hailing company has recently launched this service to the commuters. This service is going to be even more cost effective than any other rides so far. Self-driven cars work with the help of the motion sensors and other set of sensors. So, we can clearly see that, the complete driving of the vehicle depends on the sensors which are inbuilt.

Uber’s reach of the public

This company has made it the largest in the ride-sharing industry and is giving tough competition. Its counterparts are planning to launch their own self-driven cars in the upcoming years. Uber has already launched it and is happy that it is going smooth. Meanwhile, the only thing on which they have to put their focus on is self-driven cars.

In the recent past, the company delivered beer’s in the city of Colorado using a driverless truck. It was a huge success and it did bring in a lot of accolades to the firm. They want to make it even bigger and better for the days to come by. In the initial days of this pilot program of self-driven ride sharing it is going to be free. In the course of time, they will set charges for the rides.

Self-driving by Uber

The technology, which Uber is using for its self-driven is exciting and amazing. As a matter of fact, they have not manufactured these cars; it is only their tech which is integrated it into the system. It does have its own issues; the sensors embedded into the system may not work at times. The interesting part which we can see is that, it can recognize traffic signals.

It has just started taking baby steps towards this whole scenario. A trial and error process is on the go, it is yet to be engineered in a more efficient way. Meanwhile, the automobile manufacturers have started to build their own sovereign cars and a ride hailing service. Ford is planning to launch this by 2021, while Google will be doing so in 2020.

But, we can say that, by that time Uber would have reached the skies and beyond that. The future is going to be surrounded by the tech machines and the gigs who want to make it the best. Human driving will be considered as days of the past in a few years from now. The automobile industries can see that, there has been a fall in sales of vehicles as a single owner.

Pilot program launch

Any service which is available at a reliable price will obviously catch our attention. If the same service is available for FREE for a few days, they don’t need to ask us. That is the kind of impact we will be having on us. This is what the companies are aiming for, to bring in more crowds towards their business. Uber has given a good competition to its contenders in this particular service.

A few cars are only laid out for service to the people, as it is just in the testing phase. It will definitely expand this service to the other parts of the world. They want to be sure that there wouldn’t be any kind of issues, when it is available for service as a whole component. There are chances that, if the signals are not transmitted properly the vehicle may not function at all.

They have hooked up with Ford and Volvo for getting the cars for this service. It has signed a contract of $300 million with the companies and the researchers from Carneige Mellon University. Presently, the company has just started to work this out in the US. But, it has as well decided to move to Singapore to try out this pilot program of self-driving.

It is not only that Uber is up for using the self driven cars for its service. Its rival in ride hailing service Lyft, it has also started to experiment this service from its part. Both the companies had a fair share of this business of self-driving. What matters is that, which one will make it big in the public? According to the statistics we can say that Uber has more reach in the public than Lyft.

Testing phase of self-driving

These cars are not yet ready for ride sharing purpose on a full scale. They are checking the way the driving mechanism of the vehicle works in a city with traffic. Will it be able to receive all the instructions which are sent through the sensors and the signals? Only a few cars have been modeled with the highest safety measures and the self driving technology.

A better service for the riders

If this service is enabled for all the customers of Uber, then they will be charged just 35 cents per mile. That charge is way much less than the actual ride we get with a real human driving the car. This will help us to keep ourselves more safe and secure. The prominent complaints which the company has faced to date, is about the safety and security.

Now, it is fixed by the company, by bringing the self driven cars for service to be used later on. All this is good and promising for the mobility of the people to go anywhere they would like to go. This is a huge step taken by them so far, of all the accomplishments they have made.

A part of the fare charged for the rides through the cars will be taken as commission by Uber. The maintenance cost and gas for the vehicle is all done by the vehicle owners. There are no allowances for the drivers in this part, which is reasonable enough. With the self-driven cars, everything needs to be done by the manufacturers and the ride hailing company.

Will drivers lose their jobs?

Jobs of the drivers will become a big question mark in the near future. They have to opt for some other kind of job for themselves for their own survival. The company has helped a few millions of people to earn a livelihood. The traditional driving is getting replaced by this technology driven driving. Will it consume all the jobs people are currently having?

Suspension of labor cost will be a big deal for the customers who use this ride hailing service. Unemployment is already at its peak, with the introduction of these kinds of services. It is clear that, it will certainly tip of the cliff and land in a pretentious way. We have to think about the alternatives we can opt for; if at all, all the machines are going to do the jobs.

Prospects of Self-driven cars

Let’s go ahead and look into the prospects of the self-driving, ride sharing service. The important thing which they have handled is the safety and security. The sensors have to be intact and working in all conditions. The navigation for the location must be exact and accurate, only then it can take us to the destination. Keeping all this in mind, they have to work it out, which should be near to perfect.

Meanwhile, Ridecy is the new Uber clone script is the best choice when it comes to e-hailing service and the app is build with new and innovative features that highlights the app from all other scripts available in the market.

But, Will it make the humans jobless? How much of this whole scenario will be progressive? The cost of living is on the rise, will it be affordable? These are the questions which are yet to be answered and we hope that the answers will give us some clarity. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the ride with a driverless car, which is driven by the technology, through Uber.

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