Top 5 best headphones for kids

Top 5 best headphones for kids




Finding the best pair of headphones under $50 is very easy with this list. We’re going to review the top models of headphones that offer all the features your children might want out of their sound emitting devices. Well aware that the safety comes first, most of these models come equipped with volume limiters and safe-to-use designs. Check ’em out.

Top 5 models

  • Panasonic On-Ear Stereo headphones RP-HT21 (Black & Silver)

Panasonic On-Ear Stereo headphones RP-HT21

The Panasonic RP-HT21 was ranked the number one best seller in the On-ear Headphones category for several reasons – they offer decent quality and satisfactory capabilities for a bargain price. The main advantages that these earphones offer is that they’re super cheap and expandable, and you can even order a pack of several of them just to be safe. They are, perhaps, the best cheap headphones on the market.

Speaking of specifics, they are lightweight (only 1.2 pounds), and come supplied with optimally large drivers (30-millimeter neodymium). The frequency of response offers the sound of great quality (16Hz to 22kHz).

However, their design is rather plain, and being expandable means that they are not very durable. Despite that, this is an excellent pair of headphones that is rather valuable for the price. They cost only $6.66


  • Lightweight – they weigh only 1.2 pounds, making them pretty lightweight;
  • Clear sound –  Frequency of response between 16Hz and 22kHz;
  • Comfortable – Comfort-fit headband with foam-cushioned ear-cups;
  • Bargain price – they cost only $6.66;


    • They’re not very durable;

Cozyphones Kids Headphones Volume Limited with Ultra-Thin Speakers Purple Froggy


An incredible pair of headphones for kids, the Cozyphones have a very cute design and offer a decent comfort rating. They appear as a headband that can actually be worn at all times and even provides warmth during the cold seasons, but their biggest advantage is the phenomenal design and decent sound output.

The speakers that are built in the braided cables are extremely thin (1/8-inch), and they are barely visible because of the headband design – they are ideal for all kids who dislike earbuds and bulky over-the-ear models. They are available in different colors and models.

Their main pro is durability – they are really easy to clean and maintain. However, there is a downfall – they offer inferior sound capabilities when compared to the top products, but that is compensated with all of the other features. Great quality.


      • Very durable – flexible braided cord long 52-inches and a durable headband;
      • Versatile – ideal for home and school;
      • Perfect for children who dislike earbuds and bulky over-the-ear designs;


      • Inferior sound output;

iClever BoostCare Kids Headphones Cat Over the Ear Headsets with Volume Limiting Technology

Specially designed for little girls and princesses, the kitty model looks absolutely adorable. These earphones are environmentally friendly as they were made from special materials (FCC and EN71 approved), and they are extremely comfortable and fashionable.

The main advantage these headphones can offer you is the special form of durability, as you can twist, bend, and stretch them as much as you want. The material used in the manufacturing process is extremely durable and food-grade, very soft to the touch, and, most importantly, child-friendly.

The recommended age for the children who should wear them is a minimum of three, but they are custom-fit so they could be used by older children as well. They also offer a special feature – volume-control technology which will not go beyond the optimum, so the children’s hearing is safe.


      • Safe to use – volume control technology;
      • Special design – extremely fashionable kitty design;
      • Durable – you can twist, bend, or stretch them and they won’t break or damage;


      • Designed for girls only;

Headphones, FOSTO FT58 Stereo Folding Headset Strong Low Bass Headphones

The FT58 is one of the best earphones under $50, as it offers great sound capabilities and comfort. The high flexibility provides increased durability, while the ergonomic adjustable headband only improves it. The design is fully foldable, so it’s safe to say that these earphones are very compact and portable.

For the matter of sound output – they have three levels of frequency resolution for the most clarity in sound and HIFI speakers that are specially designed so as to decrease the chance of harming your children’s hearing. They are available in three different colors, and all of them are compatible with laptops and most phone models.


      • Compact and portable – foldable design;
      • High flexibility;
      • Great sound output – Strong speakers;


      • The cord was made from fabric material;

Onanoff Kids Explore Non-Foldable Headphones with Volume Limiting Lock

Easily, the best headphones under 50, the Onanoff headphone splitter offer a variety of features for a bargain price. They include a safe and comfortable way for your children to enjoy music and listen to the sound in movies or cartoons as they watch them with this pair on.

They come equipped with a volume limiter which doesn’t allow the sound to go beyond the 85 decibels, protecting your children’s ears from too much noise. The greatest addition to these earphones is the audio splitter feature which allows easy sharing without the fear of getting tangled up. They offer decent sound capabilities and amazing features.


      • Audio splitter feature;


      • Safe – volume limiter doesn’t allow the sound to reach beyond 85 decibels;
      • Decent sound output;


      • Mediocre durability;

Final Verdict

The Onanoff Kids Headphones are the victor in the contest for the best headphones under $50, but that doesn’t mean that other models are inferior – it’s quite on the contrary. All of these headphones offer a unique feel and sound experience, and most of them are perfectly safe to use. The Onanoff Kids Headphones are simply better at this from the rest.

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