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The US Ridesharing Giant Offers Unlimited Rides for a Month


The online multinational ridesharing company moves to a subscription project that is available only for the New Yorkers. New York is one of the busiest cities in the United States and it lacks in parking and has congested roads that make it really difficult for the car owners to drive the car even if they own one and choose to take a cab or the subway.

Unlimited trail plan for a month

From October 1st, 2016 to October 14th, 2016 the New Yorkers can enjoy trailing unlimited rides and those who wish to extend the trail even for a month and extend it till October 28th. The two weeks ride costs only one hundred dollars and it means that the New Yorkers can save a lot of money. This pilot project is limited only to the rides that are between the 125th street in Manhattan and for the commuters who trail on regular basis knows that this is a substantial savings for them. The trips that are trailed under the pilot program cannot exceed twenty dollars. On September the ridesharing company announced about the flat pricing rates in Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Washington DC, there are also reports on the change of the rates in October.

Depending on the popularity of the beat project, the company will plan on expanding it to the other cities in the country. This option is available only for those who opt for the UberPool feature that allows the users or riders to share their ride with the others who travel in the same direction. Uber offers their riders with many deals and discounts that make them popular among the public. Recently the company announced discounts for the Chicagoans with a flat price of $3.12 on the use of UberPool.

Sharing is saving

According to UberPool, the app will match the riders those who trail in the same route and help them share their ride and the fare. The cost of the UberPool ride in Manhattan is only five dollars and the commuters can access the ride while they leave for work.

Minimal Cost: In general the cost of the normal Uber cab is lesser than the regular taxi while the UberPool is around fifty five percent lesser than the Uber fare and it also offers many discounts depending on the hour at which the rider is hailing the cab. One can see high range of discounts during the night times and during the weekends.

Assured Price: The rider is assured of the cost of the ride even before hailing the UberPool cab, so the rider is aware of the amount they have to pay for the ride well in advance. But in the case of the normal ride the customer knows the cost of the ride only at the end of their journey.

Extra minutes: Since it’s a shared ride, the pickup time of the other riders adds extra travel time, but if the rider plans the ride early they can have a hassle free experience.

Process of UberPool

  • The rider must select the UberPool option from the Uber mobile app that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • The pickup and drop location must be entered on the app.
  • The assured fare for the ride will be displayed on the screen that allows the rider to know well in advance.
  • The price of the UberPool ride is fifty-five percent lesser than the normal Uber ride.
  • The rider is matched with another rider those who travel in the same direction, no matter if the person is known or not.

The riders are requested by the driver at a specific pickup point so that it will be easy for both of them to identify each other; this reduces the time that is wasted in picking up the passengers. The surge pricing concept is not applicable for the trips that are trailed in Manhattan. The rider must not change the destination once they have booked the ride because all the riders who go in the same direction are matched together. Even if the rider does not have any matching passengers, the payments will the same and it will change to normal Uber ride. The first time users of the app are availed twenty-two dollars as a promotional charge.

The UberPool Pass

When the rider purchases a twenty trip Pool Pass they can unlock the UberPool trips for one dollar. If the rider pays thirty dollars, they are assured with a one dollar ride for the entire one month and they can take they trips as they wish, any time and any day according to the destination zone that is enrooted by the company.

The rider can purchase the app by using the mobile app. They have the option to purchase the Pool Pass that is either for hundred dollars for 2 weeks and two hundred dollars for 4 weeks. The rider has to make confirmation to avail the pass otherwise they will not have the pass to use the option.

The ridesharing giant

Uber Technologies is the leading multination company that has its headquarters in San Francisco in California. Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick founded the company in 2009 and is the giant in the online transportation industry. The rides are directly booked by the rider using the mobile app that requires the personal details of the ride like their name, email address and the card details for the purpose of payment. The moment when the rider sends the request, the driver receives the notification for the ride and accepts the ride. The drivers are not considered as employees, instead they are considered as the independent contractors and they drive their own car.

Those who wish to ride for the company has to under certain security verification, like the fingerprint check, clear criminal records. Once they are selected, they undergo a training program that is conducted by the company and they receive the certificate and drivers license.

The riders can keep track of their ride using the software technology that is built in the app, so that they can have a safe journey, similarly the company tracks the ride to make sure of the rider’s safety. The riders can also book their ride in advance and they can cancel the ride if they have charge of plans for ten minutes. The cost of the Uber ride is lesser than the cost of hailing the regular taxi and it offers the riders an assured ride whereas this assurance is not given in the normal rides.

The company has its international transportation business in five hundred and seven cities in sixty-six countries and has a valuation of sixty-two billion dollars according to the report collected by the mid of 2016.

The other players in the industry

This is not the only ridesharing company to launch the discount program like the Waze, owned by Alphabet started its beta testing program in the Silicon Valley The goal of the program is to match make the drivers and riders commuting in the same route, however it is limited during the peak hours. The ridesharing competitor Lyft Line permits the adopters users to get discounts when they carpool with other drivers those who are moving in the same direction.

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