4 Wearables Perfect for Entrepreneurs

4 Wearables Perfect for Entrepreneurs

4 Wearables Perfect for Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs have wearables, but these are often gadgets that make life outside of work more interesting and fun. However, wearables can be a valuable work resource for entrepreneurs as well.

They can offer health information that helps you stay sharp at work, and they can notify you when anything important happens so that you can keep your phone silent during important meetings.

Fitness Bands

You may wonder what an entrepreneur can do with a fitness band outside of the gym. A fitness band might be the key to lowering your stress levels while you work, giving you a happier and more productive day.

If you tend to experience stress during certain situations at work, you can set your fitness wearable to buzz whenever your heart rate goes over a certain BPM. That way, you know to step away from your desk, take a deep breath, or go for a short walk around the office. Lowering your stress level and clearing your head will help you approach problems with refreshed creativity.

According to WebMD, lack of adequate sleep causes a host of problems for the human body, including making it more difficult for you to think, impairing your memory, slowing your reaction time, and creating barriers when you try to learn something. When you’re not getting enough sleep, your work performance isn’t at its best.

Especially when you travel for work and find yourself sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, you might not without ambien be getting the sleep you need. Use a fitness wearable with sleep monitoring, like the Fitbit HR, to keep track of not only how much sleep you get but also the quality of that sleep. Then you can use that information to modify your sleeping habits so that your sleep does you the best.

Smart Insoles

Smart insoles track your daily steps just like fitness bands do, so entrepreneurs who want to keep track of daily activity can easily hide these wearables inside their shoes. Smart insoles offer more than just activity tracking. They add support to your feet, including your arches, toes, heels, and the balls of your feet. Some of them, like Aria’s smart insoles, also heat or cool the bottoms of your feet to help with overall body temperature. No more getting too hot or too cold in business meetings and conferences!

Smart Jewelry

Entrepreneurs end up at lots of business meetings, client lunches, and networking events. Having your phone react to calls in any way (even if it’s set to vibrate or flash instead of chirp) draws attention to you, and may make your coworkers and potential clients feel like you’re distracted.

Smart jewelry is the solution to this issue because it can alert you about important notifications without alerting others as well. These pieces are fashionable and easily pair with smartphones like the LG V10 on T-Mobile’s fast, efficient 4G LTE network.

Smart jewelry can be set to buzz against your skin when something pops up on your phone. By setting your phone notifications only for messages or calls from certain people or essential items, your phone won’t interrupt face-to-face business unless something important occurs.

Then your smart jewelry will alert you, and you can excuse yourself for a moment to check your phone and put out fires.

Smart Watches

A closeup of a hand with red painted nails holding a smartwatch with an attractive crystal band

Image via Flickr by Janitors

If you need more control than you can get from smart jewelry, a smart watch is your answer. Smart watches offer apps to keep you connected to your e-mail, text messages, and other alerts.

Plus, you can track business spending, follow stocks relevant to your company, and keep current with the news. It’s easier to discretely check your smartwatch than it is to pull out a phone, making it the perfect solution when you’re in a meeting.

As an entrepreneur, you should use everything at your disposal to do your job well. That means investing in the technology that helps you perform at your best — and wearables are a significant addition to these resources.

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